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Flowfast Floors the Festive Season

  • Flowfast Floors the Festive Season Images
  • Flowfast Floors the Festive Season
  • Flowfast Floors the Festive Season

Flowfast Floors the Festive Season

Many businesses across Australia close during major holidays as these are traditionally slow business periods, including between Christmas and New Year.

This shut down period can provide the ideal opportunity for facility refurbishment.

The prospect of overhauling an existing floor finish to a strict deadline may seem daunting, however a speedy solution can reduce downtime, scheduling headaches and deliver a rapid result.

Unlike some epoxies and polyurethane flooring systems, methyl methacrylate (MMA) flooring technology is rapid curing. MMA typically achieves a full physical and chemical cure within one to two hours of installation, meaning that the surface can be subjected to full operational use under and extremely tight turnaround.

Additionally, MMA flooring can be installed within a wide temperature range and in conditions as low as -30°C, which makes it an ideal choice for facilities using back-of-house cold stores, coolers or blast freezers.

MMA flooring solutions are ideal for refurbishment projects as they are not only installed on concrete and steel substrates, but can also be overlaid onto existing ceramic tiles, marble, granite or terrazzo floors, aiding in a tight refurbishment schedule.

Flowcrete’s Flowfast MMA flooring solutions are available in a range of decorative finishes, from coloured quartz granules and solid colours to acrylic flake blends, which can be used to complement and enhance a facility or meet corporate branding guidelines.

Added to the aesthetic benefits of the monolithic Flowfast MMA flooring system are the performance properties, including chemical and stain resistance, bond strength, a seamless and impervious finish and the ability to meet a range of slip resistance requirements.

For more information on our Flowfast solutions or to talk through your flooring refurbishment requirements with the Flowcrete team, get in touch at

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Ilona Osborne

Ilona Osborne is the Marketing Manager at Flowcrete Australia - a leading manufacturer of seamless resin floor solutions. In this role Ilona leads the regional marketing efforts in Australia and New Zealand to engage with construction professionals and to provide them with insights and information on resin flooring.

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