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All Things Flooring is a space for B2B decision makers to learn, lust after and discuss all things related to the specification, installation and service life of different polymer flooring materials.

We spend our days running, walking, working and playing on all different kinds of flooring, but when do we ever really look down and appreciate the floor beneath us or those involved in its selection and installation?

Aside from just protecting the concrete below, the right flooring can contribute to a wide variety of positive improvements in industrial facilities and commercial venues including improved health & safety, improved hygiene and improved environmental contributions.

It can also look fabulous as you’ll see from scrolling our Instagram feed! The floor is the second largest area of any building (after walls) and is a huge platform to make a design statement however big or small.

All Things Flooring is provided by Flowcrete – an international manufacturer of resin based flooring materials designed and developed by a team of scientists to meet the different service criteria required in industry.

From fast-cure floors to antimicrobial coatings as well as glow-in-the-dark solutions and cushioned systems for added comfort, you name it, we’ve made it. To discover more about what we do visit

Otherwise, we hope you enjoy reading up About All Things Flooring and continue to keep up to date with our ever-growing new content.

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